Saturday, January 31, 2015

I reorganised my blogs - once again and hope this is the last time

HOME I last posted on my MountPleasantNotes blog in the summer of 2010. Over several years I "struggled" to organize my blogs in a sensible way,which led to  starting several. (Some - though not all - are listed here.)

I have finally found the solution to my problem by linking everything I write on my home page.

So if you are interested reading what I wrote it will all be available at this page. There are also links to some of what I wrote earlier, videos I edited and a couple of my radio programs. Another advantage is that the url is relatively easy to remember, something that could not be said about all my blogs.

If you arrived here from my blog about 9-11 I apologise for having to click one more time to get to my home page. I've forgotten which email account is linked to the 9-11 page  and therefore could not embed the link to my home page there.


My goodness four links to the same page lol !