Thursday, August 13, 2009

BC Minimum Wage

"It’s expensive to live in BC—we have some of the highest prices anywhere for housing, food, transportation and tuition fees. In fact, when you take living costs into account, we actually have the lowest minimum wage level in the country." Some facts about low income earners in BC.

B.C.’s minimum wage is $8 per hour unless you are a worker without much experience when it is only $6 per hour. Moreover, the minimum wage has been frozen since 2001.

Since September 2008 BC has been tied with New Brunswick and PEI for the lowest minimum wage in Canada while having one of the highest cost of living in the country. "In Vancouver a minimum wage earner working full time would have about $240 left in their pocket after paying the rent."

We also have one of the highest transit fares in the country. For example, somebody living in Surrey and working in Vancouver would have $ 166.75 left after paying for the monthly bus pass ($73.25).
Even a single person couldn't possibly live on $ 42.- per week.

If that person is a single parent it would literally be a losing proposition to go to work because of the cost of daycare.