Friday, August 14, 2009

Taser Lawsuit against Braidwood Inquiry

Taser International is filing a lawsuit against the Braidwood Inquiry, which ruled Tasers can be fatal and should be severely restricted.

"The Arizona-based company says the inquiry into the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport, led by Justice Thomas Braidwood, was biased and neglected to enter evidence brought forward by Taser.

Taser claims "the commission breached basic principles of fairness and fundamental justice... both in its procedure and in the manner in which the report and its conclusions were reached ...

Taser International also alleges that the inquiry's findings were unsupported by medical science ...

Taser will be asking the court to quash large portions of the 19 recommendations made by the commission. It will also be asking for an injunction that would bar Braidwood from using the findings in any future rulings."

Others say the company is using the lawsuit to intimidate its critics and protect its profits.

The use of Tasers has been restricted by police forces across Canada in response to the inquiry.